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The Multi-Award-Winning

B2B Lead Gen System

Producing A Healthy Flow of New

and Qualified

Leads Into Your Business

(In 30 Days or Less…)

…Without Using Paid Ads

From: Alex Sardinha

London, UK

In the next few minutes, you’re going to discover the framework we use to create award-winning B2B lead generation campaigns, for anyone who sells products or services to other businesses.

My name is Alex Sardinha, the founder of Inonda.

Over the past 5 years we've built a lead gen company called Inonda from the ground up that helps fast growing B2B companies, especially Software and Tech companies to get a healthy consistent flow of booked meetings with qualified decision makers.

We work across every industry in the business world because we’ve realised something that other agencies haven’t.

In fact, there’s a reason Netcore Cloud and eGain, some of the fastest growing SaaS companies, are using us to book their calendar with qualified sales meetings every single month.

Right now, we’re building them a full in-house sales team.

And with the book for sale on this page, you can access the same step-by-step system we use to get guaranteed sales meetings for them every week.

But you have to be fast if you want to get the best results from this method before the market “catches on”.

There’s a reason this sales system has won Inonda multiple awards for best lead generation company, even though we’re much smaller than giant agencies who’ve been trying to do this for years.

And if you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with:

  • Paid ads
  • YouTube or Facebook advertising
  • Posting content on social media

…or any single one technique you’ve tried a million times before.

I first discovered this when our main marketing platform made changes that nearly killed all of our campaigns overnight.

Our team worked around the clock to save our clients' leads from drying up…

…And the result?

We found a sales system that worked better than the old way, before our campaigns were “ruined”.


This is a method that is working now… As with all marketing, new technologies have a “supercharged” period where you can get extraordinary results.

Now is the best and fastest time to use Sales 3.0 to get a reliable flow of new leads coming into your business starting right now.

And the only reason I’m giving away our whole strategy is this:

In our current agency model, we charge up to £10,000 per month to implement this method for clients. There’s a lot of businesses out there who can’t afford to pay that much but need the leads now more than ever.

This book is a step-by-step guide to get your own Sales 3.0 system bringing you leads and revenue, without having to pay to become our client.

And after it works for you, you may choose to get us to manage and grow your Sales 3.0 campaign on your behalf.

And that’s why we’ve been able to get more new business enquiries for our clients than ever before, and why you can do it too.

Instead of relying on methods that are unpredictable, unreliable and doomed to failure as soon as there’s a problem…

This method uses “marketing layers” to stack campaigns one on top of the other…

…And then shows you how to effortlessly close new business deals at every possible opportunity.

Here’s a Look at What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Copy of the Sales 3.0 Method…

  • The “Rapport Note System” that gives you the edge over your competitors… without having to discount your prices to get attention

  • Full nurturing and sales call scripts with detailed examples, explanations and training so you always know what to say to a warm lead to close the deal

  • The sales “superpower” I learned whilst getting mugged in East London and how you can deploy it to connect with prospects and clients fast

  • 8+ sources for finding as many leads and prospects as you can possibly want, ranked in order of quality, and with recommendations on where to start depending on your budget and scale of marketing

  • Quick-start tech guides we use to get the most “technology phobic” clients fully up and running in 24 hours

  • How we train full Sales Teams for Nasdaq companies, including field-tested templates you can model to book yourself solid with closed deals

  • The counterintuitive secret to serving fewer people to make more sales than you are

  • The easiest way to keep costs of advertising down as platforms become more competitive and expensive

  • The Sales 3.0 Case Study Method you can use in a single sentence to make your dream clients believe you are the right option for them without being pushy

  • Our “warm messaging” method that lets you scale your marketing… whilst making make sure every prospect feels like you’re talking just to them

  • The “4 commands” method of LinkedIn search that will let you find endless dream clients without getting bogged down with buying expensive data

  • The “Giddy Offer” formula that fixes the radio silence most B2B marketing campaigns get, and makes your prospects’ hair stand on end when they hear from you

  • The step-by-step Question and Answer framework for identifying your perfect prospect, and the single most effective tool you can use to attract them to your business to happily book sales meetings with you and your team

  • How to get real on-the-ground data that lets you “know” your market on a deeper level… that makes you virtually competition proof

  • How to put the getting-clients process on autopilot, where your only job is to attend sales calls with qualified prospects who are already interested in what you buy… no hard selling required

  • The “winning LinkedIn profile checklist” that’s won business for hundreds of our clients, along with an example that’s worked for multiple 6 figure campaigns

  • Access to dozens of templates proven in different industries to land business and build out your sales pipeline

  • The full “how to automate your marketing” breakdown, including when you should NOT automate (arranged into three Tiers so you’re clear on exactly what to do to land your very best quality clients)

  • The “catastrophe breakthrough” we made when our main platform punished its users, and how we used it to get far better results than before… (and make campaigns easier to scale than ever too)

Here’s what some of our clients have said about us in the past:

Paige Lewin

Netcore Cloud

Will Hall


Brenda Broster

Founder of Gilbro Group

“I cannot express too highly how thrilled we are with results to date….after less than two weeks!! Not only are we getting leads already, but the calibre of some of them is extremely high”



“The reason we went with Inonda is because you guys understood our business model. You were able to articulate what we do, as well as work with us to develop our messaging.”

Karl Davies

Morrinson Wealth Management

“The experience has been very slick and we hope to continue our fruitful relationship for a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inonda to anyone looking to generate sales appointments for their business.”

Marco Essomba

iCyber Security

“The Inonda team were amazing to work with. They helped me reach out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. I met the team during a talk they gave at an event. I had already been a regular user of Linkedin however wanted to offload the time commitment to a team I could trust.

If you are in the B2B space and are looking to generate leads, raise brand awareness, or position yourself as a thought leader in your space, then I have no hesitation in recommending the Inonda team!”

Andrew Smith


“The most impressive thing is that all of the people we have spoken to have been genuine, the quality of the people you have found is excellent”

Kit James

Coach 4

“Put simply I wanted to widen my contacts base so that I could grow my business to the next level without just relying on my existing connections. I first met Inonda through a referral on Linkedin and to be honest was a little sceptical about the service they offered. However, after a few conversations I decided to give it a go and am so glad that I did.

The team was very clear in not over promising but, as a result of working with them for the last few months, I have seen my business grow steadily and have had an excellent return on my investment. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Inonda approach. Moving forward Inonda will be a central plank of my marketing strategy.”

Conor Dempsey


“Our experience with the Inonda team has been superb throughout & we now consider them an integral part of our sales/ marketing team plus GTM initiatives. As an organisation, we certainly recommend their services as they are professional, organised & do care about our business at Fourcast.”

Jedd Barry

Media 10

“Inonda have been an incredible addition to our marketing initiatives. They have increased registrations, sign ups, stand spaces and sponsorship through Linkedin and advertising. If you want to increase your presence on Linkedin in a professional way, there is no better company to work with.”

Phillip Collard


“Inonda delivered a professional targeted LinkedIn service as requested which achieved the sign ups we were hoping for. We will use them again for our next targeted campaign.”

Margherita Menini


“Inonda has been really effective in helping me understand and use LinkedIn to its maximum potential. Through its service I have connected with the right people and started valuable conversations, as well as gained a lot of traction on my post. Amazing team to work with!”

Konrad Fox

Open Cloud Invest

“If you are looking for a company who puts you first as a client and works hard on making sure your campaign runs smoothly, then look no further!

Inonda has truly unleashed the power of Linkedin for my company and so much more. They have supplied me with a consistent flow of quality leads that I am proud to say have converted.

They will continue to be my marketing arm as I scale up and would recommend them highly!!!”


Market Matcher

“The business has earned meaningful, quality LinkedIn connections thanks to Inonda Marketing’s support. Expectations have been exceeded and the engagement continues. Bringing in-depth expertise within their field, the team has been a valuable partner.”


Red Team Partners

“The team at Inonda have been very attentive to our needs as a company that is focused on scaling and growth. Our big problem was generating quality leads to keep our sales team busy.

Inonda has been able to solve this problem through their service and have gone above and beyond to make sure we are making the best of our online presence. With their ability to execute a carefully and clearly laid out plan, their service has been seamless and without fault. If you are looking at ways to scale then look no further than Inonda!”

Niyi Adedoja

Advanced Mobile I.T.

“I was looking for a way to engage more customers automatically. I wanted to use LinkedIn to connect with more customers.

I've seen a great ROI…I’m impressed with the leads they’ve presented, in terms of number and conversion rate. They’ve gotten me quite a few high-quality leads, and I was very impressed with the opportunities they provided.

The level of service they give is impressive. They have good attention to detail, and they’re always coming up with new ideas. Even if I stop working with the business, there’s stuff that I’ve learned from them that I’ll be able to use in other ventures.”

Rosalie Nicholson


“We were able to make sales using Inonda’s service. Its amazing the level of knowledge they have on the Linkedin platform.

I would recommend them if you are looking for a high level approach towards strategy and digital community growth on Linkedin.”

How To Get The Sales 3.0 System Today

I’ve created something to pass all the secrets we’ve learned in the past 5 years onto you…

It’s a book you can read in a day and start using to get results immediately, as soon as today.

And instead of paying tens of thousands of pounds to become a client, you can get the full Sales 3.0 system for only £5 here today.

This means you have access to a proven game changing method of getting more clients and growing your business.

We know that a certain number of people will read this book, see how effective it is, and want us to come in and implement the whole system with our team of world class experts.

…But if it doesn’t work for you, no sweat.

Here’s My No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

We only want you to use this and get results, so you have a whole 30 days to make sure it’s right for you. If it isn’t, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

…you can email my team at any time and we’ll send you a FULL refund for your book purchase.

Just click the link below and fill out your details to get your copy of Sales 3.0 today.

It’s an instant download of the PDF so you don’t have to wait for delivery.

If you run a serious business or are in charge of sales in any way, I advise you not to wait to deploy Sales 3.0 for your business. This is a time sensitive system that’s working to get new leads and customers in 2022.

P.s. If (like me) you’ve scrolled to the bottom of this page to see what it’s all about, here’s the lowdown.

You’re getting the full multi-award-winning methodology we’ve used to book guaranteed sales meetings for clients over the past 5 years.

We charge £10,000 per month to do this for clients, but you can access the same system on this page for only £5.

And if you don’t like it for any reason, get a full refund, no strings attached.

Sound fair?