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Brenda Broster

Founder at Gilbro Group

It is less than two weeks since Inonda started working with the Gilbro Group. I cannot express too highly how thrilled we are with results to date (after less than two weeks!!).

Konrad Fox

Founder at OpenCloudInvest

Inonda has truly unleashed the power of Linkedin for my company and so much more. They have supplied me with a consistent flow of quality leads that I am proud to say have converted.

Andrew Smith

Sales Director at Tutortoo

The most impressive thing is that all of the people we have spoken to have been genuine, the quality of the people you have found is excellent...


If you want to scale your business with a stream of qualified high-value prospects, this guide will show you how.

It’s the system we use to get results for clients at our award-winning lead generation agency.

For the first time we’re spilling the beans on five years of successful LinkedIn new business methods in a short, easy-to-implement guide.

When you follow the steps in this system you’ll know how to use LinkedIn to its full potential as a tool for driving new business.

There’s no fluff. No life story. Just the do’s and don’ts and the how-to.

(And no this isn't just another Linkedin guide).


Why are we doing this?

Because at Inonda, our business is about actually helping people by doing this system for them.

To do that I need you to know two things. That it actually works and that we’re the best at what we do.

The easiest way for you to trust me on that is with personal proof that it not only works, but that it will work specifically for you.

So if you go and use this guide, get a result, you’ll know beyond any doubt that it works.

You may be wondering why you wouldn’t just go ahead and do it yourself?

The answer is...

There simply isn’t a more cost-effective way for you to scale this system than by hiring us to do it for you.

We have a whole expert team who do nothing but implement this system every day, and get results for clients.

It would take months for you to find the talent that it takes to make this work at scale. Then it’d take months to train them and find out everything that we know through hundreds of campaigns.

We’re not gurus. We’re a full service done-for-you agency who knows what works and how things change in LinkedIn’s algorithms before anyone else does. We keep up with those changes on your behalf.

So we want this guide to work for you, because we want you to be hungry for more.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in our guide to LinkedIn success:

How to determine the best strategy for your company and industry

Exactly how to target your perfect clients with laser accuracy

The clear selling points that will get you attention from your dream prospects

How to avoid making enemies with the wrong messaging

A full fill-in-the-blanks template sequence for you to use to get new prospects

The full plan and calendar on what to send and when

A guide to making your profile the best sales asset in your company

The hidden rules LinkedIn uses to block your profile, and how to work around them

The best tools and technology you can use to scale your lead generation

The art of painless follow up

The essential “big guns” to deploy that turn a prospect into a paying clients

The best way to combine LinkedIn with other channels for truly remarkable results

And much more…

This is advice and instructions you won’t find in free blog posts.

It’s the result of running an agency that actually does this for real businesses all day, every day across every industry.

Warning - You’ll want to get started as soon as possible as LinkedIn is getting more and more popular by the week.

There will never be a better time to get new business leads on LinkedIn than today.

Act now and get your guide today.

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Results that were achieved using the same strategies we outline in the guide:

Leading Professional Network Made £24K In A Single Month With One Inonda Campaign

Used Inonda To Secure 30+ Calls From Investors.

Significantly Grew A Portfolio of Clients

Hi, I’m Alex Sardinha.

About the Author

In my 15 years business experience, the thing I have always loved most is the front line. Sales are the lifeblood of any company. I’ve always had a passion for business and communication, and have been a serial entrepreneur since I was young.

I work across the company, but my focus is on spending as much time with business and department leaders as possible. In these conversations I learn how we can continuously adapt, improve and learn.

  • This appetitive for delivering results is what has made us an award winning lead generation company, and brought tens of millions in new revenue for our customers.

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Do I need to be an expert

No this guide will show you how from A to Z

Is this suitable for B2B?

Yes this is made for the B2B world specifically!

Is this just for large organisations?

No whilst big organisations can certainly learn a lot from it the guide can be used by anyone

What will I need?

Just a can do attitude and a commitment to being better.

How long can I expect to see results?

This depends on how effective you are at putting the strategy into place. The first 30 days you should be happy with what you see!

Can I get a refund?

The guide is free, what are you waiting for!

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